Effluent Treatment Plant

At Aguapuro, we offer a complete and effective range of Effluent Treatment Plants and solutions to enable recycling of wastewater, thereby reducing the water demand burden.
Our comprehensive treatment solution works at various levels and involves various physical, chemical, biological and membrane processes.

Our systems include physic-chemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment and membrane separation process to achieve zero-discharge standards laid by the statutory authority. We provide innovative and economical systems for waste from industries like chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical, refineries, dairy, ready mix plants & textile etc.

Process overview:

  • Screening/ Grit chamber: To remove floatable matter and sand, grit, stones in raw effluent.
  • Oil & grease trap: To remove floatable oil and grease from raw effluent.
  • Primary treatment: Includes chemical treatment (coagulation, flocculation, neutralization) and solid-liquid separation for removal of suspended solids.
  • Secondary Treatment: Includes biological treatment for reduction of BOD/COD and solid-liquid separation. Biological treatment can be aerobic or anaerobic depends on quality of raw effluent. Aerobic- ASP (Activated Sludge Process), MBBR/FAB (Moving Bed Bioreactor/ Fluidized Aerated Bioreactor), SAFF (Submerged Aerated Fixed Film Bioreactor), MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) Anaerobic- UASB (Up-flow anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor)
  • Tertiary treatment: Sand and carbon filtration for removal of suspended solids and organic material. Ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis are the advanced technologies to be implemented for zero-discharge system.

Grey Water Treatment Plant

Grey Water is wastewater, which is produced from domestic activities like, clothes laundry, bathing and washing dishes. By using the Grey Water Treatment Plant one can recycle this waste water for landscape irrigation and flushing purposes.

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Sewage Treatment Plants

Aguapuro offers MBBR based Sewage Treatment Plants ranging from 5000 lit./day to 500000 lit./day and many more. We offer innovative solutions to treat sewage to achieve standard norms as per Pollution Control Board. Treated water can be reused for flushing and irrigation. By treating sewage with MBBR scheme following parameters can be achieved with COD less than 30 ppm, BOD less than 10 ppm and suspended solids less than 5 ppm.

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Clarifier and Clariflocculators

Clarifiers are widely used for reducing suspended solids load by coagulation and settling method. High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier is used in Applications, where the inlet solids load is variable and if the solids are fine.

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